Author Interviews

December 2013 Blog-a-Thon: Get to Know Janis Lane!

Soul Mate Author Group

SMP: Welcome, Janis! Please tell us a little bit about yourself, such as: your family, where you live, pets, favorite color, favorite film, favorite book, favorite scent.

Janis: Hi all. I live in Western NY on a few acres outside a small village. My children are adults and have given me two wonderful grands. Hubby is a patient person who supports my spending hours at my computer. He is also quick to adapt to a plot storm in the middle of its creation. I love the color green, adore romantic movies and could not possible choose a favorite book, as I love them all. I’m not particularly fond of the horror genre, but I have read a few.
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E-Book Giveaway, by Author Janis Lane

Cheryl: Welcome to Cheryl’s place! I’m thrilled to have you here.

Janis: Thanks for having me! I’ll try to behave myself and mind my manners.

C: Please tell us a little about yourself.

J: I grew up in the South but have lived for many years in Western NY where we have velvet Summers and spectacular Falls.
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Author Spotlight – Janis Lane Talks About Her Passion For Characters and Settings

Often I think some of my favorite choices of Contemporary books depends on how much I’m enjoying the stage (setting) upon which the actors (characters) perform.
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Author Spotlight – Janis Lane Talks About Research

The problem with research is that it’s so very easy to become lost in the different types of American birds, the state of our pure water systems, the plight of the American cougar —you fill in the blank of your story line,
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